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Waste Management at Homes during Pandemic

Waste Management at Homes
during Pandemic

This is an excerpt from CPCB guidelines for waste management at home level, pertaining to Covid-19 situation. 

Persons taking care of quarantine home / Home-care should deposit biomedical waste if any generated from suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients in homecare, by following any of the following methods as may be arranged by ULBs;

  •  Hand over the yellow bags containing biomedical waste to authorized waste collectors at door steps engaged by local bodies; or 
  •  Deposit biomedical waste in yellow bags at designated deposition Centers established by ULBs. The bag again be stored in yellow bag or container; or
  •  Handover the biomedical waste to waste collector engaged by CBWTF operator at the doorstep. 

[CPCB: Central Pollution Control Board,
ULB: Urban Level Body, 
CBWTF: Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility]

Persons operating Quarantine camps/centers or Quarantine-homes/Home-care should report to ULBs in case of any difficulty in getting the services for disposal of solid waste or biomedical waste.

List of CBWTFs can be found out here.

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* Masks and gloves used by persons other than COVID-19 patients should be kept in paper bag for a minimum of 72 hours prior to disposal of the same as general waste after cutting the same to prevent reuse.


To reduce pressure on waste workers & facilities, households can reduce the waste outflow by composting wet waste and hoarding dry waste. More information on this practice can be known in this Stonesoup’s Blog


These guidelines will ensure sustainable way of protecting ourselves now, as well as to avoid future calamities. 

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