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Features & Benefits

  • You can list your product that deemed to be more ecofriendly than the conventional counterpart. 
  • The website and this directory is expected to be visited by environment conscious buyers and users, and thus provides good visibility to your store/business and products
  • The buyers/users will have options to quickly lookout for ecofriendly product, category wise and region wise. This way, your business can be accessible to buyers near you, who otherwise, are left with little choice through online purchases over long distances. 
  • NatureLoop website provides both push and pull marketing for your business & products. The Ecofriendly Alternatives List is a pull factor, where your business is most likely to be displayed against an ecofriendly product suggestion. Discussion forum provides an opportunity to claim/explain the ecofriendliness of your product and also to post replies/comments to present & future queries. 
  • Proudly convey your responsibility & display your commitment to environment and thereby contribute positively to your locality, towards a clean planet.

Member Terms

  • NatureLoop is just a crowdsourced information platform. You cannot make any products or service purchase through our website. You have to directly contact the listing members or owners of that plant/service provider.
  • You are allowed to share information related to ecofriendly products. The credibility and authenticity of the information lies solely with the listing author / seller member. NatureLoop doesn’t bear any responsibility for false information.
  • NatureLoop being an information sharing platform, the listed or posted information will be subjected to reviews and often scrutinies, directlty in the form of comments from co-members & viewers (as per site access rules) and indirectly as reported information to site admins. Addressing to those clarifications will help in building & maintaining your brand image.
  • If any false information is reported to site admins, site admin will contact the listing author/seller member for clarifications. If not responded, NatureLoop at its own discretion has all rights to take down the listing or delete the information posted by that member, and the remaining membership fee will not be refunded to the member.